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Introduction to Stirling PDF

Stirling PDF is a robust, locally hosted, web-based PDF manipulation platform powered by Docker. Our application offers an extensive range of functionalities, from simple operations like merging and splitting PDFs, to advanced features such as compressing, OCR and Conversions.

Although the application is OpenSource the majority of work is done by a single developer in their spare time. Please consider donating to keep this work active!


Privacy comes first

Originally developed as a purely ChatGPT-powered application, Stirling PDF has evolved to accommodate a plethora of PDF-related needs. Most importantly, the platform guarantees utmost privacy and security as it doesn't make outbound calls for tracking or record keeping. All files and PDFs remain either on the client side, stored temporarily on the server during the execution of tasks, or within a transient file created specifically for task execution. Once the user downloads a file, it is immediately purged from the server.

Always improving

Stirling-PDF has a active community of users giving new ideas and helping as part of its open source nature. New features are added throughout the year continuously involving Stirling-PDF as an application.


Stirling-PDF is yours. You are free to do with it what you like and customize it however you wish. We offer various customization features for you or your business.

Please feel free to request new features or report bugs through our GitHub issues or Discord.