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How to add Configurations

Stirling PDF allows easy customization of the app. Includes things like

  • Custom application name
  • Custom slogans, icons, images, and even custom HTML (via file overrides)

For customization via variables there are two options for this, either using the settings file settings.yml This file is located in the /configs directory and follows standard YAML formatting or directly via environment variables.

Environment variables override their settings file equivalents For example in the settings.yml you have

defaultLocale: 'en-US'

To have this via an environment variable you would add each sub section together to form the parameter. In this case adding system to defaultLocale with all caps creating the variable SYSTEM_DEFAULTLOCALE or SYSTEM_DEFAULT_LOCALE

The Current list of settings is

enableLogin: false # set to 'true' to enable login
csrfDisabled: true

defaultLocale: 'en-US' # Set the default language (e.g. 'de-DE', 'fr-FR', etc)
googlevisibility: false # 'true' to allow Google visibility (via robots.txt), 'false' to disallow

# appName: exampleAppName # Application's visible name
# homeDescription: I am a description # Short description or tagline shown on homepage.
# appNameNavbar: navbarName # Name displayed on the navigation bar

toRemove: [] # List endpoints to disable (e.g. ['img-to-pdf', 'remove-pages'])
groupsToRemove: [] # List groups to disable (e.g. ['LibreOffice'])

enabled: true # 'true' to enable Info APIs endpoints (view http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui/index.html#/API to learn more), 'false' to disable

For more info on the individual entries please see their separate pages

Environment only parameters

  • SYSTEM_ROOT_URI_PATH changes the websites root path, ie if set to pdf-app to application will be viewable at address localhost:8080/pdf-app instead of localhost:8080/
  • SYSTEM_CONNECTIONTIMEOUTMINUTES to set custom connection timeout values
  • DOCKER_ENABLE_SECURITY to tell docker to download security jar (required as true for authentication and login functionality)


If running Java directly outside of docker, you can set these environment variables before starting the app


export UI_APP_NAME="Stirling PDF"

Windows (CMD)

export UI_APP_NAME="Stirling PDF"

Windows (PowerShell)

export UI_APP_NAME="Stirling PDF"


If in docker you can do it via docker run or compose whichever you are using are part of installation. Simply add these to the end of your script/file

Docker run

-e UI_APP_NAME=Stirling PDF \
-e UI_HOME_DESCRIPTION=Your locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs. \

Docker Compose

UI_HOME_DESCRIPTION: Your locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs.