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About Stirling-PDF

Stirling-PDF: Our Vision

Stirling-PDF is a locally hosted web application designed to perform various operations on PDF files. Born out of a passion for creating reliable, user-friendly tools, Stirling-PDF is free, secure, and private, with no outbound calls for tracking or record-keeping. Your files stay on your device, ensuring complete control and privacy.

Our focus is on providing a top-notch self-hosted PDF manipulation tool. With features like splitting, merging, converting, and more, Stirling-PDF is equipped to handle all your PDF needs. We're excited to announce that Version 1.0.0 is coming soon, featuring automation support!


Our community has shown tremendous support, with two Reddit posts receiving over 400 upvotes each. Stirling-PDF is ranked among the top 50 Java apps by GitHub stars and in the top 800 overall, with millions of Docker downloads.

The Road Ahead

Our long-term goal is to provide comprehensive PDF manipulation capabilities, eliminating the need for expensive Adobe subscriptions. In the short term, we're focused on revolutionizing PDF interactions through seamless automation.

Join our community on Discord and participate in our discussions on GitHub. We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas!

Funding Model

Stirling-PDF is fully open-source, free, and transparent. This approach has allowed us to build a strong community, but it also means we rely heavily on voluntary contributions. If you find Stirling-PDF valuable, please consider supporting us. Your contributions help us continue to improve Stirling PDF

About the Founder

I'm Anthony Stirling from the UK. I started as a passionate software developer and grew into a dedicated DevOps enthusiast. My love for creating, making things, and improving systems drives me every day. My interests range from software development to hosting my own applications and services with NAS's etc

Professional Journey

With 4 years in development and 2 years as a DevOps specialist, I've gained a lot of experience. A proud moment for me was being nominated and becoming a runner-up for "Innovation of the Year" at the UK IT Industry Awards.